It is obvious that the Management of most organisations recognize the fact that a significant part of the expected level of performance will be achieved by building the capacity of employees to achieve set goals. The ability of staff to inculcate the winning attitude is recognized as highly important to the process.

The Winning Attitude incorporates the Fish Philosophy and Attitude Virus. The Fish philosophy is centred on a Fish market in Seattle, USA, where the workers exhibit exceptional attitude to work and have developed a culture that has assisted them to become world famous. Major corporations and business enterprises have studied the operations of the company with the objective of getting an insight into a practical model for sustained positive work culture.

To ensure local relevance, we have developed case studies depicting individuals who also exhibit exceptional attitude to work despite challenging situations in order to portray a strong perspective of a positive work attitude, beliefs and culture that will give participants a strong desire to learn and improve their performance.

The Attitude Virus explores seven types of attitude virus in the workplace and proffers solutions for tackling them.

Duration: 2 days

Proposed dates:  Feb 27-28, Apr 18-19, Aug 8-9, Nov 14-15


  • The Fish Philosophy – video case based on 4 principles that help bring out the best in each individual.
  • Motivating others
  • Application of principles to the organisation

Mode of delivery:

  • Facilitator-led discussion
  • Individual and Group exercise
  • Case Studies
  • Role Plays
  • Videos and games
  • Group Discussions

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