This programme examines the fundamentals of a supervisor’s role; it teaches the skills and techniques needed to support effective performance on the job. It also identifies common problem areas and ways of confronting difficulties and instituting long-lasting solutions. The programme will be appropriate for all those supervising teams or who are likely to have such responsibilities in the near future.

The program will upgrade participants’ leadership and management skills as well as increase their ability to handle day-to-day employee issues common in supervisory positions. In addition, the program will prepare a non-experienced lead person for a supervisory role. Participants will learn how to introduce new skills that will improve productivity, quality, human relations, and communication.

Duration: 3 days 

Proposed dates: Mar 13-15, Jun 4-6


  • Understanding the responsibilities of a supervisor
  • Motivating people through reasoning and empowerment
  • Handling difficult staff
  • Counselling techniques in dealing with personal problems
  • Appraising performance in a consistently fair and objective manner – Identifying basis for standards and targets
  • Identifying personal style of supervision and improvement for effectiveness
  • Developing cohesion within the group to balance task and group needs

Mode of delivery:

  • Facilitator-led discussion
  • Individual and Group exercise
  • Case Studies
  • Role Plays
  • Videos and games
  • Group Discussions

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